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Why Choose our Products

One of the major advantages of this small, rural processor is the fact that the basic raw materials, ie milk and grape juice are produced predominantly at their own farms and vine yards and to a lesser extent are procured from a handful of suppliers, all operating in the nearby area. This enables the business to achieve close control of the raw materials used and hence maintain the quality and traditional character in the products.

With the new infrastructure now in place and the constant upgrading of the product quality, demand is growing in the local market. Mr. Philippos is the young and energetic manager of this business with the broad vision to expand both in Cyprus and in new markets abroad.

It exclusively deals with dairy products like halloumi, Anari, Trachana and Easter Cheese. It also produces products from grapes such as Palouze, Soutziouko, Kiofteria, Stafida and Epsima.
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